Time To Get Paid For Your Time

OpenCal is a "pay for attention" platform. Sales Teams, Vendors, Companies, & Individuals solicit meetings 24/7, for months on end while spending thousands of dollars to pursue you. OpenCal is a way for them to skip that process, save money and purchase time from you directly. We ping you when there’s action and you decide if it’s worth your time! We concierge the entire process.

How it Works

Whenever someone wants to network + connect with you, they can now bid for your time.

Kick Off Email

We wanted to keep it uber simple so it's all through email and anonymous. Share some basic info, what you want to charge for your time, and that's it. Requesters only see limited protected info. Only when you ok it, will we share anything.

The Icebreaker

We email you requests from vendors, sales teams, marketers, basically anyone already hitting your inbox. We tell you what they're willing to pay! They pay us and when you're done with a virtual meeting/call, we credit the rewards to you.

The Value

It works because the reward you receive is less than the amount people/co's are curently spending on soliciting for your attention. For example: a biz dev team typically spends between 100 - 1000 dollars to win a meeting with a new contact. By skipping the cold reach out process, we save teams money and unlock rewards normally invisibe to you.

A Win-Win

There is no obligation, it's all reactive and under your control, we just want to unleash the transparency. Donate the money to charity, book a vacation, it's up to you! You do not have to take the meeting further, its just an ice breaker sped up!

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